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What is Route Optimisation?

There is more to route optimisation than just finding the shortest path. Balancing workloads between vehicles or rounds ensures resources are used to maximum effect and spare capacity is minimised.

Competing demands need to be taken into account to find the optimum solution. RouteSmart rapidly processes GIS base data and conflicting constraints to find a truly optimised solution..

High and Low Density Problems

RouteSmart is specifically designed to solve "high density" routing problems; those involving a very large number of points that must be serviced regularly. These are typified by door-to-door, day-to-day, street-by-street operations such as environmental services (waste and recycling collections, street cleaning and gritting), meter reading and postal services.

Base information about the road network and the locations of service points, depots and other facilities is used alongside chosen criteria (number of rounds, length of working day, existing service day, costs, etc.). The output is analysed, benchmarked and amended taking into account "real-world" factors and local knowledge to ensure routes are accurate and achievable.

Typical route optimisation project objectives include:

  • reducing mileage to save fuel, tyre and maintenance costs
  • cutting carbon emissions
  • balancing workloads
  • modelling new collection and delivery systems
  • planning for growth
  • determining the size and capacity of new fleets

"We only have a small fleet, but we have reduced our fuel bill by £5,000 a month"
"Saving an RCV means we can save £130,000 against our annual budget"
"Our strategic analysis with RouteSmart has shown how we can save 10 trucks - that's a 7 figure saving for us"

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